Monday, July 31, 2017

Miscellaneous Loire Reds Recently Tasted: Château de Brézé/Lambert, Janvier, Lemasson/Vins Contés, Sebile, Carroi Bon Air, Morantin

Some good wines here at prices that don't challenge the pocket book. (Continue reading here.)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Recently Tasted Beaujolais from 2014, 2015, and 2016: Brun/Terres Dorées, Château Cambon, J. Chamonard, Chermette, Coutert, Dupeuble, Églantine/Grillet, Guiginer/Amethystes, Janin

I continue to be impressed by the majority of 2015 wines I taste from this region -- they are ripe, but they have a freshness and liveliness than the 2009s generally lacked. 

2014 is a fairly classic vintage, but often the wines lack generosity.

2016 is looking good for many of the wines, but because of the severely reduced crops in some areas due to hail and/or frost, some of the wines seem too concentrated. (Continue reading here.)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Domaine TORTOCHOT (Gevrey-Chambertin) -- 2015 Tasted from Barrel Sample and Bottle

Tortochot is an estate with great holdings: Chambertin and three other grands crus; five well-sited premiers crus in Gevrey, Morey, and Chambolle; a number of village Gevrey and Morey vineyards that are well-sited; and a Bourgogne rouge. 

The wines were disappointing for a long time, so I’ve never bothered to visit and only come across the wines from time to time, but I had noticed a significant uptick in the wines I’d tried over the last ten years or so. This selection indicates that it is possible to get good wine here, but also that there remains more work to do. (Continue reading here.)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Domaine HERESTZYN-MAZZINI (Gevrey-Chambertin) -- 2015 Tasted from Barrel Samples

This estate springs out of Domaine Herestzyn in Gevrey-Chambertin (which also still exists). In 2012, Florence Herestzyn and her husband, Simon Mazzini, leased 5.5 hectares from her father (Stanislaus) and aunt to begin the domain.

Some whole clusters are used in the wines (usually about 30-40%). The aim is to get finesse (in Gevrey, that’s a relative term compared to some other terroirs) into the wines, and they succeed well. (Continue reading here.)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Jérôme GALEYRAND (St-Philibert) -- 2015 Tasted from Barrel Samples

Jérôme Galeyrand is originally from the Loire region and has no family background in wine. He was a cheese wholesaler in northwest France when he happened to do an apprenticeship with Alain Burguet in Gevrey-Chambertin about twenty years ago. Captivated by wine, he set up his own estate about fifteen years ago. He has five hectares — only regional and village wines, but the quality is excellent and worthy of your investigation.

Galeyrand works without pesticides and does uses some whole clusters in his wines. (Continue reading here.)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

RIDGE VINEYARDS -- Current National Releases

From not just one of California’s, but one of the world’s, iconic producers, this is a solid set of releases with a fabulous Geyserville. The other wines show a stronger oak signature than I recall for recent vintages, but with further bottle aging, they should come into better focus. (Continue reading here.)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Domaine Henri RICHARD -- 2015 Tasted from Barrel Samples

This estate is one I previously have not sampled. It began conversion to organic methods in 2001 and received certification in 2005. Based on these three wines, there’s something of interest here should you come across the wines. (Continue reading here.)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Domaine Henri MAGNIEN (Gevrey-Chambertin) -- 2015 Tasted from Barrel Samples

Charles Magnien, grandson of Henri, has been in charge of this 6 ha estate since 2009. Apparently, much of the production is sold to restaurants in and around Gevrey. I understand that the vines are planted in a very old clone known as Pinot Magnien that supposedly gives extra depth and spice to the wines. 

This appears to be an estate worth investigating should you come across the wines. (Continue reading here.)