Monday, September 25, 2017

VDP 2016 GG Tasting -- Pfalz Weisser Burgunder (Böchingen, Burrweiler, Duttweiler, Godramstein, Ilbersheim, Laumersheim, Schweigen, Siebeldingen): Bergdolt, Berhart, Kranz, Kuhn, Meßmer, Minges, Münzberg/Keßler, Rebholz, Wehrheim

To my palate, this was not a great vintage for Weisser Burgunder (also known as Weissburgunder, Weiss Burgunder, and Pinot Blanc), but the top producers came through — Bergdolt, Münzberg, Rebholz, Dr. Wehrheim, and Kranz.

If you’ve never tasted German Pinot Blanc and you get the opportunity to do so, don’t pass it up. These wines are completely different from what is produced from the same grape in France and Italy. Specifically, the German versions are much racier and more penetrating. (Continue reading here.)