Sunday, September 24, 2017

VDP 2016 GG Tasting -- Württemberg Rieslings (Abstadt, Bönnigheim, Heilbron, Pfaffenhofen, Schwaigen, Verrenberg): Dautel, Hohenlohe Oehreingengen, Kistenmacher-Hengerer, Neipperg, Wachstetter, Weinsberg

Basically, the Rieslings presented from Württemberg were a mess: hot and alcoholic. Of the twelve 2016s and the two 2015s presented, these are the only ones I found worth writing up, and as you can see, even these “best" wines are considerably below the level of the “best” of other regions.

Note that the wines from Kistenberger-Hengerer and Weinsberg are 2015s. (Continue reading here.)