Thursday, September 14, 2017

VDP 2016 GG Tasting -- Pfalz Part V (Kirchenstück): Achim-Magin, Bassermann-Jordan, von Winning, and 2015's from Bürklin-Wolf and von Buhl

In my opinion, Kirchenstück is the greatest vineyard in the Pfalz, and indeed one of the very great vineyards of Germany. 

Unfortunately, with the holding back of wines for a year by Bürklin-Wolf and von Buhl (and possibly Mosbacher, which did not show a Kirchentsück) and my not visiting Eugen Müller, who is not a VDP member but produces Kirchenstück (and other wines) on the same level, this gives, for now, an incomplete picture of Kirchenstück. (Continue reading here.)