Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Domaine CAMUS-BRUCHON (Savigny-les-Beaune) -- 2015 Tasted from Tank Sample

Guillaume Camus said that he began harvesting on 2 September and the harvest lasted 6-1/2 days. About 20-30% of the stems were retained. He gave the wines 12 months in cask before moving them to stainless steel tanks in advance of bottling. There was no bâtonnage (stirring of the lies). Malolactic fermentations began in March, which was earlier than usual, and some finished in May, some later. There were also some instances of some malos that began even later and went until August.

Gillaume said that there was so little juice that he had to really work to get it out. Alcohols are about 12.7º for the Bourgogne, 13º for the village and premier cru wines.

The vines here are generally old and extremely old and this is a very good source for wines of quality much better than the prices would suggest. (Continue reading here.)