Monday, April 10, 2017

Domaine Emmanuel ROUGET (Flagey-Échézeaux) -- 2015 Tasted from Barrel

Emmanuel Rouget said that he began harvesting on 11 September (in 2016, it was 1 October). He waited to harvest because he had blockages of maturity, and he doesn’t regret having waited. Despite the blockages of maturity, his wines came in at or near 14º alcohol with no chaptalization. He said that although it rained for about half the time he harvested, it didn’t have an effect because he used cases that drain.

As usual here, the grapes were entirely destemmed. Malolactic fermentations finished in June, and he said that the wines have evolved well since then. 

As at almost all the estates where I taste, the regional and village appellations showed extremely well, but what is especially notable here is that Rouget managed to get extra quality from his top wines that many other producers did not in 2015. (Continue reading here.)