Monday, March 27, 2017

Domaine DUJAC (Morey-Saint-Denis) -- 2015 Part I: Village, Premier Cru, and One Grand Cru Reds Tasted from Barrel

Jeremy Seysses said that harvesting of the reds began about the 7th of September and finished on the eve of the 11th of September. Crop is about the size of 2013, which is 70% of a normal crop. He picked for moderate alcohols and did chaptalize a little for some wines. This was a large whole cluster crop with about 90% overall, but he did less pigeage (punching down of the cap) than in 2014 in order not to over-extract. Fermentations were on the warm side with 30-32ºC as the target; a few wines did get up to 35ºC. Malolactic fermentations finished in early spring.

The vintage is very successful here, even in the context of the overall quality of 2015. (Continue reading here.)