Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Domaine Jean-Jacques CONFURON (Premeaux-Prissey) -- 2015s Tasted from Cask

Alain Meunier said that in 2015, the quantity of grapes was good, but in juice it was not, a story one heard in many cellars about 2015. He did no whole clusters in 2015 because of the quality of the skins. For the premiers and grands crus, yields were about 33 hl/ha, more in Nuits, less in Chambolle, and old vines gave very little.

Alcohols were about 12-12.5º and chaptalization around 0.5-0.7º for some wines. Each year, he is using less new oak, a progression that I consider positive; in 2015, it is 50% new oak for the grands crus, 33% for the premiers crus, 20% for the village wines, and 10% for the regional wines. Malolactic fermentations varied, depending on the cuvées. Overall, he will bottle later than usual and he thinks this is a vintage that may close up for a long time (I am in agreement — despite all the charm, there is plenty of tannin beneath the initial fruit). 

The estate is worked organically. (Continue reading here.)