Sunday, October 25, 2015

2014 Mosel Grosse Gewächse -- Part III (Mittel Mosel)

When I started in Burgundy at the beginning of this week, I still had not finished my report on German Grosse Gewäche tasted in Wiesbaden, much less reports on individual estate visits. I’ll fit those in as I have time.

I found the wines in the mid-Mosel region considerably more varied than those from Clemens Busch and Heymann-Löwenstein further downstream, and indeed for a number of them, I did not perceive sufficient quality to write up here (allowing for the possibility that the wines just were not showing well as the possibility that they were not very successful). A problem with many is that they tasted sweet – an imbalance of sugar and acidity. It clearly was a very difficult vintage in this region, and congratulations to those who came through the best. (Continue reading here.)