Saturday, October 17, 2015

2014 Mosel Riesling Gross Gewächse: Part I (Hetzenport and Winningen)

With this post, I begin the Mosel GG’s that were presented in Wiesbaden at the end of August. There was a total of 37 wines ranging from the near where the Mosel joins the Rhein at Koblenz to near the French and Luxembourg borders in the Saar, and there was huge diversity in the quality of the wines presented. In part, that may reflect the slow-developing nature of the vintage, but there were also difficult conditions that the producers faced with respect to the health of the grapes. At this point, I probably prefer as a group the 2013 Mosel GG’s that were presented at Wiesbaden in August 2014 and I certainly prefer the 2012s presented in August 2013. Nevertheless, there are many excellent wines and with further time, others that were less impressive may come around. (Continue reading here.)