Thursday, May 14, 2015

Joseph DROUHIN -- 2012 Côte de Beaune reds and whites tasted in November 2013, prior to bottling (Beaune)

The Côte de Beaune reds reviewed here were entirely destemmed, unlike many of the Côte de Nuits Drouhin wines.

Wines marked “Domaine” are from properties that Drouhin owns. Drouhin converted to biodynamic farming of its vineyards in the late 1990s (some experimental vineyards have been biodynamic even longer).

Drouhin’s style is for wines with great elegance, good acidity and freshness, and extreme purity. It is a style of Burgundy that I personally appreciate greatly.

I have tasted some 2012s from bottle and review them here.  (I reviewed 2013s, tasted in November 2014, herehere, and here.)  For what it’s worth, I actually consider wines tasted from barrel a year after the harvest when malos have been completed, as here, a better long-term estimator of the potential of the wine than the wines tasted after a year or two in bottle. (Continue reading here.)