Saturday, May 9, 2015

G./Christophe* ROUMIER -- 2012s tasted from cask in October 2013 (Chambolle-Musigny)

Below is the review of Roumier’s 2012s, tasted from cask in October 2013 and originally published in Issue 141 of The Fine Wine Review. Because of the lateness of the malolactic fermentations, Christophe was still working, and so was not able to be present when I tasted the wines. As a result, there is somewhat less information about the vintage than usual. Some of the wines were tasted from bottle in November 2014 and reviewed here; the 2013s from cask are reviewed there.

The wines here were in a state that made them difficult to taste because of extremely late malolactic fermentations, so it is possible that I have underrated them. Nevertheless, Christophe Roumier made phenomenal wines in 2011 and it is possible that in the long run, those wines will be equal to or even superior to the 2012s here. Production is down 30% from 2010, already not a large vintage. Hail, in part, was responsible for the small production. Harvest began on 22 September. In general, about 30% of the stems were used, and grapes were ripe and homogenous with no rot. (Continue reading here.)