Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jean GRIVOT -- 2012s tasted from cask in fall 2013 (Vosne-Romanée)

Etienne Grivot began harvesting on 20 September and said that he had to do but little triage. Chaptalization was “very little” and malolactic fermentations were very late – as is often the case here. Etienne thinks that this is his greatest vintage, yet. I’m not yet willing to go that far, but that’s in part because I am such an admirer of other vintages that he has produced through the years. As everywhere, production is greatly reduced. Etienne said that in a normal year, he produces about 280 barrels of wine; in 2012, it’s just 152 (in 2013 it’ll only be about 10% more than 2012, or about the same as 2010). Some of these wines are reviewed from bottle here and here. (Continue reading here.)