Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jean-Marie FOURRIER -- 2012s tasted from barrel in November 2013 (Gevrey-Chambertin)

This is the review of Fourrier’s 2012s tasted from barrel in November 2013 and previously printed in Issue 141 of The Fine Wine Review. My review of several of the 2012s from bottle is posted here. My review of Fourrier’s 2013s tasted from barrel was posted here.

Several wines are missing from the review here. I was tasting with another journalist who arrived very late and was an amazingly slow taster, and I suspect that as the time ticked away, Jean-Marie Fourrier passed on presenting some of the wines; alternatively, production could have been so tiny that he did not wish to show them.  

2012 was a bit lower here in quantity than 2013 and 2010, and roughly equal to 2011, Jean-Marie said. He began harvesting on 21 September, and did no “significant” sorting. Malolactic fermentations were early – beginning in mid-January and finishing in mid-April or May. Jean-Marie observed that the bacteria and yeasts were more dynamic than in the past. The wines were in stainless steel when I tasted in early November, having been racked the previous week, thus adding an additional difficulty factor to their evaluation. (Continue reading here.)