Sunday, December 3, 2017

Domaine de la VOUGERAIE (Prémeaux-Prissey) -- 2016 Part I: Red Regional and Village Wines Tasted from Cask Samples

The harvest here began on 19 September with both reds and whites and on both Côtes, and it finished on 4 October on the Hautes-Côtes. No sorting was necessary. Maceration was a little shorter than usual. Whole clusters were used more than usual and there was a little less pigeage (punching down) and a little more remontage (pumping over) than usual. 

Generally, the wines are raised 1/3 in new oak, 1/3 in one-year barrels, and 1/3 in older barrels, and when the wines are racked, they go into older barrels. (Continue reading here.)