Monday, November 27, 2017

Domaine des Comtes LAFON (Meursault) -- 2016 Tasted from Tank and Cask

Harvesting began with the whites on 16 September (Meursault, Clos de la Baronne young vines and Meursault-Bouchères) and finished on 27 September with the red Monthélie-Duresses.

In 2016, all red wines were destemmed. Malolactic fermentations were rather early for Lafon, finishing in January and February. The Monthélie and many of the whites were already in tank when I tasted, and by December, all the wines will be in tank. For the reds, at least, there was almost no new oak, but more recent barrels than usual.

Acidities are a little less than in 2015 and in the range of normal.

The quality is certainly here in 2016, but as for the quantity . . . . 

As usual, we start with the reds: (Continue reading here.)