Saturday, December 26, 2015

Emrich-Schönleber (Nahe) -- 2014s Tasted from Bottle

Frank Schönleber was on vacation, so I tasted with his father Werner. Werner compares 2014 to 2002, a very good and, in my opinion, highly underappreciated vintage. An interesting aspect of 2014 here was that the alcohols came in lower than predicted based no the fruit sugars.

Werner said that weather was good, but then beginning the second half or September, the weather was too hot and humid with botrytis, requiring a strict selection of grapes – about 10% was not usable. The botrytis was less of a problem on the hills than on the flatlands. Overall, quantity finished about normal, and 2013 was clearly smaller. Still, the conditions required three passes through the vineyards.  (Continue reading here.)