Friday, July 3, 2015

Michel LAFARGE -- 2012s tasted from cask in autumn 2013 (Volnay)

This abbreviated list is indicative of what happened to Côte de Beaune producers as a result of the hail. What had become a rather lengthy tasting because of the new vineyards that Lafarge had added over the years is cut back again significantly because many of the vineyards did not produce sufficient grapes to make a separate wine. Overall, production was down 80% in 2012; 2013 was somewhat higher in quantity, and 2014, while still substantially below normal, is more than either 2012 and 2013.

Harvesting began on 20 September, and after one day stopped until the 24th. What there is, is of good quality, although stylewise, Frédéric Lafarge says the wines don’t resemble anything seen in the last thirty years, due no doubt to the concentration from the low yields. Malos for the whites were late; for the reds, they finished in April and May, not late. Alcohols are about 12.8-13º.

We see the lack of quantity immediately in the whites, where instead of two Aligotés and two Meursaults, there is but a single one of each. (Continue reading here.)