Thursday, July 2, 2015

FOLLIN-ARBELET -- 2012s tasted from cask in November 2013 (Aloxe-Corton)

Although word is slowly filtering out, this estate still is not as well-known as it deserves to be. Franck Follin-Arbelet said he began harvesting on 20 September. Whole clusters constitute 10-20% of the wines, depending on the cru. He chaptalized very little in 2012 as the grapes were very ripe; the only sorting necessary was for sunburned grapes. Malolactic fermentations were quite late, and in fact, a few had not finished when I tasted at the estate in November 2013, making the wines difficult to taste.

I tasted the 2012 Aloxe-Clos du Chapître from bottle when I tasted the 2013s from cask in November 2014, and it is reviewed here. (Continue reading here.)