Sunday, May 24, 2015

Louis JADOT -- 2012 Côte de Nuits reds tasted from cask in October 2013. (Beaune)

Frédéric Barnier has now taken over from Jacques Lardière, but there is no discernable change in the wines. He stated that in 2012, Jadot had to do almost no triage due to the healthy and uniform state of the grapes. As you can see below, it was a very successful vintage for Jadot Côte de Nuits reds.

Where wines come from Jadot’s own holdings (Domaine Louis Jadot or Domaine Gagey), I have identified them above. Otherwise, the wines are from purchase of grapes or wine. It is important to note this distinction, as Jadot sometimes offers more than one cuvée of a particular (e.g., there is a Domaine Gagey Nuits-Boudots and also sometimes a négociant bottling – check the labels to be sure which you have).

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