Sunday, May 31, 2015

BOUCHARD Père & Fils/Domaine BOUCHARD Père & Fils* -- 2012 Côte de Nuits tasted prior to bottling in autumn 2013 (Beaune)

Harvesting on the Côte de Nuits began on 20 September. Overall (i.e., both Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits), quantity is off 40% from normal. There was a little bit (2-6%) of triage for undersized berries and a conscious effort to avoid over-extraction, also because of the small size of the berries. Malolactic fermentations were a little later than usual; most had more or less finished by February or March. There was very little racking of the wines.

I review Bouchard’s 2012 Côte de Beaune reds prior to bottling here and the 2012 Côte de Beaune whites prior to bottling here. I review Bouchard’s 2013’s herehere, and here. (Continue reading here.)