Monday, January 16, 2017

Domaine Jean CHAUVENET (Nuits-Saint-Georges) -- 2015 Tasted from Barrel

Jean Chauvenet’s son-in-law, Christophe Drag, has long been in charge and over the years has made significants improvements, eliminating what often was excessive tannin and rusticity in the wines. 

Christophe said that the flowering took place in only three days, but then excessive heat caused quite a bit of millerandage (shot berries). He was afraid of another 2003 or 2009, but in the end wound up with freshness and energy in the fruit. Harvesting began on 12 September — he found that the rain a few days earlier gave new energy to the fruit, as the grapes had begun to dry out before the rain. 

Malolactic fermentations were early — usually the finish in June, on average, but all had finished by May. 

No chaptalization here, and no use of stems. Overall, yields were 35 hl/ha. (Continue reading here.)