Sunday, April 17, 2016

Eugen Müller (Forst, Pfalz) -- 2014s Tasted from Bottle

As I said in my review of Mosbacher’s wines, Forst is the Vosne-Romanée of the Pfalz. Most of the great vineyards are owned by the great VDP producers: von Bassermann-Jordan, von Buhl, von Winning, Mosbacher, Acham-Magin, etc. But Müller, not a VDP member, has been making outstanding wines for at least several years, and the wines sell at most attractive prices. The 2014 vintage is particularly successful and worthy of your attention, should you have access to the wines.  (The Spätlese trockens are the equivalent to the VDP’s GG’s.) (Continue reading here.)