Thursday, December 10, 2015

Domaine Paul et Marie Jacqueson (Rully) -- 2014s from Bottle and One from Cask

As I indicated last year when reviewing the 2013s here, this is a favorite estate – both for value and for the absolute quality of the wines. Although they can age very well, they are also delicious right out of the gate.

Marie Jacqueson emphasized that not only is 2015 a great vintage on the Côte Chalonnaise, but also 2014. And as you’ll see, she has the wines to prove it.

Jacqueson likes to bottle early, and so all the wines were tasted from bottle except for the last red. Yields were normal for the whites and a little less than normal for the reds, she said. As everywhere, the flowering was early, July was rainy, August was gloomy, and then there were three glorious weeks in September that made the vintage. The Asian fruit fly attacked some vineyards, so sorting was necessary. (Continue reading here.)