Monday, January 12, 2015

BOUCHARD Père et Fils Part III -- 2013 Côte d'Or Whites from Cask and Bottle

BOUCHARD Père et Fils (Beaune)

2013 Côte d’Or Whites from Cask and Bottle

In addition to information about the harvest here, specific to the whites there was no leaf-pulling to allow more sun until the beginning of the preparation for harvest, September 10. In 2012, there was widespread destemming of the whites because of damage from hail, but in 2013 it was not necessary, so almost all whites are whole cluster. Unlike the reds, the white grapes had thin skins, so the early harvesting by Bouchard preserved the quality of the vintage and avoided rot that many white producers had to deal with after the October 5-6 storms.