WITTMANN (Rheinhessen) 2015 Vintage

This estate, the source of some of Germany’s very great wines, has long been certified organic and biodynamic.

2015 Rosé trocken
This wine is intense and racy with good acidity, a smooth texture, medium-light body, and tangy, if simple, strawberry fruit. 12.0% stated alcohol. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 009 16. 86/B

2015 Silvaner trocken
Wittmann makes one of the best Silvaners outside of Franken that I know. You won’t find the chalkiness of the best Silvaners from Franken, but the wine shows good grip in a medium-weight body to go with tangy, fresh white fruits and some salinity. 12.5% stated alcohol. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 004 16. 87/B

2015 Riesling dry     100 Hills
100 Hills (100 Hügel in some markets) is a negociant wine that Wittmann makes. Philipp Wittmann has told me that he buys from friends and the back label indicates that the grapes were grown sustainably (Wittmann’s estate wines are certified organic and in fact grown biodynamically). For an inexpensive dry Riesling, this is extremely good wine. It is crisp and clear with a medium-weight body and floral white fruits. Just enough sugar to provide a little roundness to play off the sharpness, but no hint of sweetness. 12.5% stated alcohol. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 003 16.  88/B

2015 Pinot Blanc  dry   100 Hills
Like the Riesling 100 Hills, this is a negociant wine, although from what I understand are friends of Philipp Wittmann and according to the back label, made from grapes sustainably grown. This is excellent example of Pinot Blanc resembles that grown further south in the Pfalz, overall the finest area in Germany, and maybe the world, for Pinot Blanc. The wine is light, intense, nervy, and racy with steeliness. There is a slight tropical aspect to the fruit, but it is balanced by minerality. It is an excellent choice to pair with seafood (including oysters), cheese, charcuterie, and white meats. The price should be moderate, making this a wine worth your trying. 13% stated alcohol. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 002 16.  88/B

2015 Scheurebe  trocken
For true lovers of Scheurebe, my score may seem to low, for this wine is a classic of the grape. The nose initially has the herbalness often associated with Scheurebe, but with airing, classic roses come through. The mouth is medium-weight and firm with good acidity and complete dryness to go with the earthy, mineral Scheurebe flavors. 12.5% stated alcohol. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 005 16.  90/A-

2015 Riesling trocken
This wine is round smooth, salty, and dry with good expression of Riesling fruit. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 006 16. 12.5% stated alcohol. 89/B

2015 Westhofener Riesling trocken
This wine shows good structure and depth with liveliness and a slight licorice overtone to its fruit. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 12 16. 13% stated alcohol. 90/B+

2015 (Westhofen) Aulerde Riesling GG
The Aulerde shows slightly herbal aspects (not negative) to the fruit in its nose — something I noted a number of wines of this vintage. The mouth shows excellent acidity, salinity, and drive, along with power. There’s great promise here. 13.5% stated alcohol. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 16 16. 13.5% stated alcohol.  94/A

2015 (Westhofen) Brünnenhäuschen Riesling GG
This wine is not as broad as the Aulerde; it is medium-weight, direct, clear, salty, and has yellow fruits. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 018 16. 13% stated alcohol.  94+/A

2015 (Westhofen) Kirchspiel Riesling GG
The Kirchspiel shows limestone structure with the yellow fruits of the vintage and excellent length. All this wine needs is a little time. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 017 16. 13.5% stated alcohol.  95+/A

2015 (Westhofen) Morstein Riesling GG
This wine is racy, salty, firm, light, and nervy with Mosel-like tension and a slight licorice hint that shows in many of the 2015s. In short, it is a great and complete wine. In this vintage, only old vine fruit was used. 13% stated alcohol. Last digits of A.P. Nr.: 019 16. 13% stated alcohol.  96/A+ 

2015 (Westhofen) La Borne Riesling (auction wine)
Although not designated as a GG, the La Borne is an equivalent, being an auction wine. It is intense, piercing, mineral, and muscular, but also elegant. The wine shows length and saltiness, and undoubtedly will show even better with further aging. 12.5% stated alcohol. 94+/A

2015 (Westhofen) Morstein Riesling Auslese
Philipp Wittmann deliberately made this Auslese in a light style. It is entirely from botrytised fruit. The wine is sweet but with balancing acidity and it has calmness and minerality. 94/A

2015 (Westhofen) Morstein Riesling Gold Capsule Auslese
The Morstein Gold Cap Auslese is quite mineral, incisive, and deep with golden and citrus fruit, depth, and elegance. 96/A